As a coeliac I know how important it is that you know where your treats are coming from and what goes into them. I want my company to be as transparent and honest as possible. I am always happy to answer any questions.


How can I order the postal service?

The products page displays all products available including their postal date. They are usually updated on a Wednesday/Thursday, keep an eye on social media for updates. Products are restocked every Friday at 7pm. It’s first come, first served, most products sell out within an hour.

Do you only use gluten free ingredients?

All bakes are made with non-gluten containing ingredients. I use Doves Farm flour in all my bakes. For baking powder and bicarbonate of soda I use Dr Oetker. All my chocolatey bakes are made with Callebaut chocolate and I only use chocolate e.g., kinder, mini eggs, that are gluten-free. I also shop around for biscuits and cereals from the Free From sections of Morrisons and Asda. I use a lot of naturally gluten free ingredients as well e.g. butter, eggs and sugars. All my sprinkles are from the amazing @bakingtimeclub

What about Dairy Free and other allergens?

The kitchen handle dairy, eggs, soya, peanuts and nuts. The dairy free boxes for the postal service are always baked on a Wednesday with no other baking. The dairy free white chocolate I use is from Plamil and the dairy free milk chocolate is from D&D Chocolates. To replace butter I use a mix of vitalite and Flora plant based block butter depending on recipe. The sprinkles I use are made in a facility that handles nuts. 

What about cross-contamination?

The kitchen is split into two sections, half for use as my home kitchen and half for the bakery. I have two sets of equipment for home use and the bakery. All ingredients and equipment for home use and the bakery are kept separate.

Do you have ingredient lists for the products?

Absolutely, if you go to the products page and click on the individual products (even if they say out of stock), you can scroll down and find full ingredient lists with allergens highlighted.


Feel free to get in touch or email if you have any further questions.